Legend Siam – a new theme park in Pattaya!

In the area of ​​the popular Thai resort of Pattaya in early November 2019, the grand opening of a new theme park took place, which was called the Legend Siam. This grandiose park covers an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and is divided into three large thematic zones. Like many other entertainment centers in Pattaya, Legend Siam Park is located south of the resort, about 20 kilometers (this is closer than Nong Nooch Park or Ramayana Water Park). The park is open every day for everyone and there are many reasons for visiting it, which are described below.

A visit to the Legend Siam park in just a few hours will allow you to easily get information about the past of Thailand and the present days of this Asian country. The park’s director general during the park’s opening ceremony admitted that there was initially a plan to create another Thai national style water park in the vicinity of Pattaya. However, marketing research unexpectedly showed that Western tourists are more interested in meditation and spiritual practices, and many tourists from China are more interested in the Thai culture. Therefore, the plans were changed and now anyone can find in the park a wide range of cultural entertainments and master the art of meditation.

Entrance gate to Legend Siam Park in Pattaya

Entrance gate to Legend Siam Park in Pattaya

Entrance to the park takes place through a giant gate, which guards by a huge statues of demons from Ramayana. Then visitors get into the first zone of the Legend Siam theme park, called the “Siam Village”. In this area of ​​the park you can get acquainted with the history of ancient Siam and see with your own eyes the significant architectural monuments of that time. Also here is represented the life of the people of ancient Siam and objects of culture of that time. For example, in this zone there are buildings from the time of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya – the ancient capital of Siam. And one of the main objects is the elephant Erawan and the statue of the deity Indra on his back. Also in the Siamese village a grand parade of elephants is held.

Statue of an elephant Erawan in the Legend Siam park (Pattaya)

Statue of an elephant Erawan in the Legend Siam park (Pattaya)

The second zone of the Legend Siam park is called Araya Thai. There is also a large number of recreated ancient temples, including from Ayutthaya. This area of ​​the park has a traditional floating market and a market with a large selection of local produce and Thai fruits. The highlight of this part of the park is the selection of products and souvenirs from all 77 provinces of present-day Thailand. However, this is not just another large market or open-air museum. Widely used modern technology and special effects. You will see interesting scenes recreated using 3D technology, and you can also take part in interactive entertainment (some of which will definitely cause an adrenaline rush in the blood). Here you will see the reconstruction of the battles, including sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat with stuntmen, explosions and other special effects.

Entertainment area and houses of Ayutthaya in Legend Siam Park

Entertainment area and houses of Ayutthaya in Legend Siam Park

The third zone of Legend Siam park is called Bhumi Pan Din and details the revolution in agriculture, authored by the late King Rama IX. It immediately details the achievements of modern Thailand and the development of the Thai economy. Tourists who are interested in local spiritual life can find out more about this in the Bhumi Pan Din area. An interesting feature of the park is the opportunity to visit in a national Thai costume. Currently, there are about 5 thousand costumes, and the planned attendance of Legend Siam Park is up to 20 thousand daily during the high season in Pattaya.

Temples of Ancient Siam in the Legend Siam Park (Pattaya)

Temples of Ancient Siam in the Legend Siam Park (Pattaya)

The construction of the park cost investors 4 billion baht (more than 130 million USD). Currently, a simple admission ticket will cost only 350 THB. You can pre-pay for transportation by cpecial train, boats, buffet and some carousels, which are available only for a fee. In any case, even a simple admission ticket allows you to see a lot and it’s better to plan a full day to visit the Legend Siam Park, because in 5-6 hours you can only get around it without watching the show, food and other entertainments. Have a nice rest!

Location of Legend Siam Park on the map:

P.S. A detailed article with photos and videos will be published later.

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