E-cigarettes banned in Thailand. Do not take chances!

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You may have already heard that it is forbidden to use hookah in Thailand (I wrote about this for several years on the site). But did you know that electronic cigarettes are also strictly prohibited in this country? And you can have serious problems if you use electronic cigarettes in Thailand. And is this not only a very large fine and possible deportation, but also many years in prison. At least, there have already been such precedents. What is the main reason for the prohibition of such electronic devices in Thailand?

Why e-cigarettes are banned in Thailand

Vapes are included in the list of items that are prohibited from being brought into Thailand. In addition, in the territory of this country there are no own manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and special liquids for them. Therefore, the use of such devices is also prohibited and law enforcement officers may have natural questions about where you got your electronic cigarette and what kind of smoking fluid you use.

The Thai government is concerned about the health of its citizens, and the effects of using electronic cigarettes on human health have not yet been studied. Despite the fact that many consider this type of smoking to be completely safe, there are other points of view. In particular, the presence of carcinogens in vapes, which contribute to the development of cancer, has already been proven. And after the latest events in the United States, where the use of electronic cigarettes in the fall of 2019 led to the development of a new, unexplored death disease in people, the control over the use of electronic cigarettes in Thailand has become even more stringent.

Another reason for the ban on electronic cigarettes in Thailand (like hookahs) is the lack of a law that regulates the circulation and use of these devices. Therefore, liquids for electronic cigarettes and special tobacco for hookahs in Thailand belong to the category of unhealthy goods and are equated to light narcotic substances. Advertising and official sale of such goods is completely prohibited. In Thailand, anti-tobacco laws have been tightened (for example, smoking is prohibited on beaches in Thailand). And the use of electronic cigarettes, according to local authorities, promotes this unhealthy habit and violates the rights of other persons.

It is believed that one of the reasons for the ban on electronic cigarettes in Thailand is the interest of the state in maintaining a monopoly on the production of tobacco products. The excise tax on cigarettes in Thailand is very high and this is one of the ways to replenish the budget and the royal treasury. Therefore, the authorities simply do not want electronic cigarettes in Thailand to compete with classic cigarettes. After all, as I wrote earlier, in this country there is no own manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and liquids for them. And this means that there is no one to tax on the production and sale of this kind of goods.

Finally, another reason for the ban on electronic cigarettes in Thailand is the country’s stringent drug laws. During the use of electronic cigarettes or hookah, various kinds of narcotic substances and harmful toxins can be added to the liquid or tobacco. To some extent, this makes sense, because many tourists during their holidays in Thailand risk their health and freedom when they try to relax even more with the help of marijuana or other, more powerful narcotic substances.

What conclusion can be made? When you go to Thailand, it is better not to bring an electronic cigarette and liquid for it. By doing so, you will protect yourself from a possible large fine, legal costs, deportation with a ban on visiting Thailand in the future and, in the worst case situation, many years in prison. And if such a ban does not become an incentive for you to completely quit smoking, you can always buy regular Thai cigarettes and smoke them in places allowed for this. Have a nice and healthy vacation in Thailand!

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