Overview of the UNIXX South Pattaya Condominium

The new Unixx South Pattaya condominium, which the Thai people themselves call simply Unixx Condo, is one of the most modern residential complexes in the resort, with a host of advantages. During my long trip to Thailand I visited Pattaya several times. However, after I discovered this residential complex, I stayed there and in the future, because this option for living in the city I really liked for a number of reasons. In this review, I will talk about the main advantages of the Unixx South Pattaya condominium, its location in the city, transport accessibility, infrastructure and convenience of living in this place. In the review Unixx Condo will be added photos and video of the apartments in which I lived, as well as the territory of the complex.

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Location of Unixx South Pattaya

This is perhaps one of the main advantages of Unixx Condominium. As you can understand by the name of this residential complex, it is located in southern Pattaya. And if it is more exact – that in area near to the main pier of a resort – Bali Hai. If you were in Pattaya, you probably saw the Unixx Condo from a distance or close, because it is huge 45-story building and it’s simply not possible to see other such buildings there. The residential complex of Unixx South Pattaya is located about 10 minutes walk from the Bali Hai pier and the famous Walking Street, which also begins (or ends) next to the pier. This means that you can get to the pier on foot and save on taxi.

Also, the location of Unixx South Pattaya is convenient because one of the main routes of tuk-tuks in Pattaya passes nearby. If you need to get to the condominium in the daytime, you can drive almost to the entrance to the residential complex on a public tuk-tuk (songthaew), which rides south along Beach Road and Walking Street, and north from the Jomtien beach area. In my videos, I showed the place where you need to stop the transport in order to go as little as possible. At night or when you are interested in traveling in the opposite direction (from the condominium to the north or south of the resort), you need walk about 3 minutes to stop and on the road any passenger pickup that moves in the direction you need.

Location of Unixx South Pattaya on the map of the resort

At night with cheap transport the situation is a bit more complicated, but you can at least spend the night in nightclubs on Walking Street or play pool in the area of ​​this street, and after that it’s easy to get to your room This is especially true if you run out of pocket money and you can not use mototaxi or taxi in Pattaya. Of course, there are some nuances. For example, in the evening time on the road from the pier to the condominium there are many buses with Chinese tourists, who before that had fun in floating restaurants near the pier. And on the sides of the road are parked a lot of the same buses, and there are no sidewalks as such. In addition, after heavy rain, part of the street may be flooded. Especially often this happens in the trestle area.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to go the shortest way and you can always use the neighboring one, where road traffic is not so active and your path will be longer only for a few minutes. But it is better to use the services of mototaxi. This will cost from 60 baht during the day (from any area of ​​Walking Street) and not more than 100 THB at night. If you are not alone, but together, then the cost of day and night should not exceed 120 and 160 baht for two person. And for 200 baht you will be taken to the entrance door to the Unixx Condo from anywhere in central Pattaya (with a successful bid and from the north or Jomtien too). For example, I traveled from Unixx to Third Street in Pattaya for bye tickets to Koh Chang and paid for a trip in both directions 160 THB. Also at night from 7Eleven near the pier to the entrance door to the condo in just 30 THB.

Finally, i can not fail to mention the fact that all residents of Unixx Condo have the opportunity to get to the resort center for free. To do this, you can use a special passenger pickup truck, which is sent from Unixx strictly according to the schedule to the main shopping centers of the resort 5 times a day. Also, the great advantage of this condominium is its location next to the Pratamnak Hill. Firstly, it is the main green zone in the center of Pattaya. Secondly, this is an excellent place for morning or evening jogs (there is a special route around the hill). There is also an outdoor gym area (if you do not have enough of those that are available in the residential complex and are free for residents).

Transport schedule from Unixx South Pattaya

Thirdly, it is place of several important attractions in Pattaya – a viewing platform near the radio station and the Buddha Hill with a huge statue and a beautiful staircase. Finally, the location and height of the complex allow one to admire the main bay of Pattaya and the coast in South Pattaya from the rooms or from the viewing platforms of the condominium. But, perhaps, it is better to talk about this directly in the next chapter of my review of Unixx South Pattaya.

Common infrastructure of Unixx South Pattaya

Like any other modern multi-apartment residential complex with a private area, Unixx South Pattaya allows you to have a good rest even without having to visit the resort’s beaches (if you can replace the sea with a pool). There are just two large swimming pools with sun loungers. The main pool is located in the garden and has a good size for swimming, as well as several attractions. For example, in the pool there is a climbing wall (three ascents with varying degrees of difficulty), a water slide for children and adults and even a area with a Jacuzzi, which is generally uncommon for Pattaya. Also around the perimeter of the pool are water jets, which with a powerful water flow make an excellent back massage. And at night (after sunset) the pool has a beautiful multi-colored illumination.

The second pool is located above the ground level and is a quieter resting place. This does not mean that the main pool is overloaded with tenants. With these words, I just wanted to clarify that my girlfriend and I were the only visitors to the second pool, which also has good dimensions for swimming. Next to each pool there are showers and toilets, comfortable sun loungers and beautiful trees – palm trees and plumeria (they are also frangipani – trees practically without leaves, but with beautiful and very tasty smelling flowers that are the symbol of all Asia).

  • The main pool of Unixx South Pattaya with a water slide

In the residential complex Unixx South Pattaya there is a well equipped gym with modern exercise equipment, a sauna, parking for private transport or rented, laundry on the fifth floor (not free, but inexpensive, self-service). There is a children’s playground with swings, stairs, sandpits, etc. You can use high-speed elevators Unixx South Pattaya only if you have a special magnetic card, which should be touch to the reader before selecting the floor you need. This, as well as 24-hour security and many video cameras guarantee the security of the tenant and guests of the residential complex. By the way, the employees of the condo are very polite and smiling. Especially memorable was the guard opening the door in his cap, each time giving a military greeting.

As I already wrote, Unixx South Pattaya is a very high residential complex, approximately 45 floors. At the same time on the 37th and 41st floors you can visit open observation platforms. It is not just a place to look down on the resort, but also full-fledged places for rest. And sky parks these places of rest were called not by chance. The territory is not too big, but there are natural lawns, trees, bushes and a gazebo with soft seat bags. I think, it is not even worth mentioning that some of the best species in all of Pattaya are opening from those viewing platforms. In this case, I personally liked the view from the observation deck on the 37th floor. From it opens the best view of the central bay in Pattaya. The spectacle is excellent at any time of the day!

Review of one bedroom apartment in Unixx South Pattaya

It so happened that I originally lived in an apartment on the 12th floor with one bedroom. In fact, this is a two-room apartment in which one of the living rooms is combined with the kitchen. Since the design of all studios and apartments can be completely different (thanks to Thai designers), it does not make sense to describe specific apartments. But the layout of all apartments with one bedroom is approximately the same and usually differs only in the location of the kitchen. Also, the layout can be not only the same as in my case, but also a mirror (when the bedroom is not to the right of the entrance, but to the left). Also, the dining area can be either separated by some decorative elements, or not.

  • View of a living room in Unixx South Pattaya

In any case, one-bedroom apartments have enough space for living and sleeping several people. In my case, the bedroom had a large bed, and in the living room a soft leather sofa. The kitchen is equipped with a modern hob and microwave. A refrigerator and a large Toshiba TV are also available by default in each apartment. I really liked the spacious and bright bathroom. A neat washbasin with a ClickClack system, a comfortable toilet and a spacious shower enclosure with a normal and rain shower. Most of the one bedroom apartments have a private balcony with a table and chairs. There, on the balcony, the outdoor part of the air conditioning system is installed.

In my case, the indoor units of the air conditioner were installed both in the bedroom and in the studio and could work separately from each other. The bedroom has a built-in wardrobe with a safe. The window in the bedroom is smaller than in the studio room, where it is almost the entire wall from floor to ceiling. But the bed was very comfortable and wide. If you like to fall asleep under the sound of a TV, I want to note that in my case the second TV on the wall in the bedroom was not, but in a number of similar apartments it is available. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. Therefore, I propose to see a short video review of the apartment on the 12th floor (video playback will begin immediately with a review of the room).

Video overview of 1-bedroom apartment in Unixx South Pattaya

Review studio-room in Unixx South Pattaya

As the name implies, the second type of accommodation in Unixx South Pattaya involves accommodation in a regular studio – a living room with its own kitchen. In my case it was a studio room on the 34th floor with a similar view from the window, but thanks to the location of about 60 meters above, the view from the window was generally stunning. Especially since the bed is located next to the panoramic window on the whole wall and could if you want all day and all night to enjoy an excellent view of the Pattaya Bay and most of central and North Pattaya from high. Before settling in this studio, I was going to go to the observation deck at the radio station to do a time-lapse video of the sunset and dawn, but in the end it turned out to be done without getting out of bed.

  • Amazing view from a window from the Unixx South Pattaya studio room window

As in the previous case, the room is equipped with a similar kitchen with a microwave and an induction hob, a kettle and a fridge. The room also had a table and two chairs, air conditioning and the same bathroom as in a one-bedroom apartment. Since there is only one room in the studio, a flat TV hangs directly on the wall in front of the bed. Perhaps the main disadvantage of the studio in comparison with the previous version of residence is the lack of a balcony where one could sit outdoors at a table and hang a swimming trunks or a wet towel. In some ways, the situation was corrected by a special clothes dryer, available in the studio. The condoninium has high-speed Internet (Wi-Fi), almost always free. Below is a video fragment with an overview of the studio apartment on the 34th floor.

Video overview of studio apartment in Unixx South Pattaya

(The video is mounted and will be added later)

Cost of living in Unixx South Pattaya (rental price)

Since most apartments and studios in the Unixx residential complex are owned by private individuals, the best way to rent a studio or an apartment with one or two bedrooms (such apartments also can be available) – is a using special rental services from the owners. Also a small number of apartments can be found on Booking.com, but there is a very early reservation and prices may be too high. If we talk about the average price for short-term rent, it is 20-30 USD per day for the whole apartment. Given that you can live there even three or four (in rooms with a separate bedroom), it turns out cheaper than a bad hostel per person. At the same time you get the opportunity to live in a very prestigious residential complex with swimming pools and almost in the center of Pattaya.

Not all apartments in Unixx have this view from the window, as it was in my cases. On the other hand, the view of Jomtien beach or Pratamnak hill with temples and a large Buddha statue is very interesting. And the cost of such apartments is often lower than the cost of apartments overlooking the central beach in Pattaya. After all, great photos can be made from viewing points on the roof! In the complex, a lot of apartments are rented and the cost of some exceeds 50-60 USD per day, but you will always find more affordable options, especially with early booking. And knowing some nuances and using the bonuses correctly, you can even live in Unixx South Pattaya almost for free.

How to rent an apartment in Unixx South Pattaya cheaply or for free

I booked an apartment and a studio in Unixx Condo with the help of AirBNB. Surely, many have heard about this service search and booking of housing from owners and, perhaps, already used the services of this authoritative international service. If you do not have an AirBNB registration, then I have good news. By registering with this link, you will receive a nice cash bonus on your first booking. Depending on the country, this amount is from 25 USD to 40 euros. In addition, after receiving the bonus, you can also invite friends and acquaintances and give them a similar bonus. And most importantly, you will receive bonuses for the first booking of your guests.

The amount of AirBNB bonus often changes in the direction of decrease, so I advise you not to lose time and make the registration as soon as possible. Bonuses accumulate on your bonus account, and you can live abroad paying for the apartments with this money. In the case of apartments with a separate bedroom, I did so, paying the first 4.5 days of accommodation bonus of $ 122. My first day in the studio-room, I also paid a bonus of $ 22, and for the remaining days I had to pay with my money. In December 2017, the cost of “my” studio was about 30 USD per day, but now thanks to high ratings the owner of the studio (Chinese woman) has increased the cost of living to 48 USD per day. When searching for apartments in Unixx Condo with AirBNB you can see that the price for similar rooms can vary greatly depending on the time of year and the owner of the accommodation.

The difference in the final price for a month rent and 27 nights

In addition, the feature of the service is the availability of discounts for long-term apartment rental. This makes a long lease much more profitable than a daily one. Discounts are often up to 25% for a stay of 7 days or more and up to 60% for a stay for a month. This allows you to stay for a week at a price of five days, and the payment of a month of residence is often more profitable than paying for 20 days or even 2 weeks. In addition, long-term accommodation allows you to reduce the total cost of living at the expense of cleaning fees. This item is often included in compulsory services and has a fixed cost for each owner, regardless of whether you rent for one day or for a month. In the picture for an example, two screenshots on which you can see how the size of the discount affects the cost of living. As a rule, the discount for a week is 10-25%. but still the amount per month (ie from 28 days and above) шт any case is less than rent for three weeks or even 27 days.

My impressions and conclusions

I really liked the Unixx South Pattaya condominium and it was one of my best placements at this resort. After I lived in ordinary hotels too, I lacked the degree of freedom that a separate apartment can provide. And I did not rent once again in this residential complex only for the reason that New Year holidays were approaching and there were no more vacant apartments at a price that was acceptable to me. When i will hoosing options for staying in Pattaya on the next trip to Thailand, I definitely consider the possibility of living in Unixx South Pattaya. The room with a separate bedroom seemed to me more convenient (because of the balcony, more richer equipment and other small things, but it depends more on the owner). On the other hand, when living alone or couple, even in the studio, there is enough space and I remember my travel to Pattaya not least thanks to the view from the window for a million dollars.

In other words, I come to the conclusion that ideally I would like to have a room with a separate bedroom (as more comfortable), but located closer to the top of the building and overlooking the central beach in Pattaya. And all this at a reasonable price up to 25-30 USD per day for a long stay. And my most important fear is that because of the large size of the condominium there will always be too many people, like at the station, did not come true. There was no queue at the elevators, there were enough sun loungers by the pools, etc. Of course, I want to live in other residential complexes with panoramic pools on the roof, but they are usually much more expensive and it will be a completely different story. I hope my review of Unixx South Pattaya with photos and videos was useful for you, as well as information on how to live in this residential complex of Pattaya with the maximum level of comfort at the lowest price. Have a nice rest!

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Ronald F. Cunningham
Ronald F. Cunningham
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What about the parking garage? Is there ample parking for cars and motorcycles? Thanks for your reply.