Thailand introduces a minimum daily price for a tour package

Starting from January 1, 2020, when selling travel packages to Thailand, a new minimum price limit will apply. This information was published by the Department of Tourism of Thailand. The new price limit will apply to all foreign tourists who purchase ready-made tour packages. Moreover, for different regions the minimum cost of a voucher per day is significantly different. According to the authorities, such a measure was taken to prevent dumping by unscrupulous tour operators and price wars between them, as a result of which the overall quality of tourism services in the country is deteriorating.

Thus, from the beginning of 2020, the cost of a tourist package per day will be limited to specific amounts, depending on the region. The cheapest vacation in Thailand on a package tour will cost residents of Southeast Asia – from 800 THB per day. A slightly higher minimum price is set for residents of other Asian countries – 1000 THB. Less fortunate were residents of other countries of the world for whom the minimum tour package price per day was set at 1,500 THB per day (or 50 USD at the current rate). It is very important to note that the indicated price does not include the cost of air tickets to Thailand and from Thailand.

Thus, a two-week trip to Thailand for residents of Europe, Australia, the USA, Canada, Latin America and other non-Asian countries will cost about 700 USD, excluding the cost of the flight. In recent years, with the help of the service for searching for last-minute trips, you could easily find a ticket for about 70 thousand rubles for two for 2 weeks in Thailand. Those. The cost of the tour for each of the tourists began from 550-600 USD and, most importantly, this price included a round-trip flight. From all this we can conclude that holidays in Thailand will become more expensive and the number of foreign tourists in the kingdom will decrease even more.

As of 10 months of 2019, the number of tourists who rested in Thailand on a package tour has already decreased by more than 4% compared to the same period last year. However, the decline in tourists from different countries was uneven. For example, the largest outflow of tourists came from the Republic of Korea – more than 10%. The number of tourists from China has also significantly decreased – by more than 3%. Given that Chinese tourists occupy a dominant position among all foreigners in Thailand, the figure is very significant. Also, more than 4% decreased the number of tourists from Japan. At the same time, the flow of tourists from India increased by more than 5% and this is more and more noticeable in Thai resorts.

In the article Why is Thailand expensive – main reasons I already wrote that holidays in this Kingdom are becoming more expensive for a number of reasons and many foreigners consider cheaper and closer countries for their holidays. Therefore, a new initiative of the authorities, on the one hand, will allow to raise the level of service in the country (in theory), but on the other hand it can lead to an even greater decrease in the number of tourists (and the bankruptcy of a large part of small business). What will actually happen and whether foreign tour operators will find opportunities to circumvent the new ban and reduce the cost of tours – we will find out very soon. At the same time, tips on cheap holidays in Thailand are still relevant and can save a lot of money in the Land of Smiles!

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