Thong Lang beach (Koh Larn island) – my review

Thong Lang beach Koh Larn (Pattaya)

Thong Lang beach on the island of Koh Lan near Pattaya is not too large beach and not particularly noisy. But it has an excellent transport accessibility. In this particular article provides an overview of the small beach – Thong Lang and posted a several of fresh photos from the beach of the island, made by me during the last visit of the thai resort in 2015. Also, a small video clip from this beach you can find in the end of review, allowing to better assess the situation, the state of the water and the sand on the Thong Lang beach.


How you can get to Thong Lang beach very cheap

In big article Detailed description of all the beaches of the Koh Larn island I have already described the location of the Thong Lang beach on the island and told about the main ways to get to it from the mainland and other beaches of Ko Lan. Therefore, the following will describe only the most budgetary and popular option. This option popular especially among western tourists, because most of the Chinese swim at Thong Lang beach in groups of 12-15 people in speedboats and they also swim away from the Koh Larn beach to Pattaya resort.

Thong Lang Beach on Koh Larn - clear water and white sand

Thong Lang Beach on Koh Larn – clear water and white sand

Slightly less fast and comfortable, but much less expensive way is to use the passenger ferries and costs 30 thai baht (just under $1) to one side. Just choose from two ferries should be the one that goes to the pier Tawaen, rather than Naban village on the other side of the island. Read more about the ferry, their routes and timetables can be found on the page How to get from Pattaya to Koh Lan on the ferry.

When you reaching the desired Tawaen pier, you should go ashore and take a left, going along the beach Tawaen beach. It mean you need going about 800 meters, but as the path runs past the original beach cafes and numerous souvenir shops, clothes and all sorts of beach things, the distance does not seem so great. However, this is not the end of the road to the Tong Lang beach. Later you must go on new excellent concrete road along the rocky shore.

Start of new concrete road to the Thong Lang beach

Start of new concrete road to the Thong Lang beach

Until recently, this section of track was in very poor condition, as older concrete road was badly battered by storm. Lots of the old road can still be seen next to the new one. Now you can go fast and without any problems, but it is way almost without shadow, therefore you need to accelerate the pace and be sure to use sunscreen (see.article How need to sunbathing in Thailand). However, this way still shorter than the previous and after about 400 meters you will get to Thong Lang beach.

Review of Thong Lang beach (Koh Larn)

The first difference Thong Lang beach from Tawaen beach (which is located near the same name pier and have more length) – a much smaller number of guests. As in the previous beach, the main contingent here – Chinese tourists of different age and physique. However, even in the high season you can easy find a free places on the beach. Number of sunbeds for sunbath is not very much, but i can say that they are all on the front line – the second there is simply no have.

Thong Lang Beach - view on the right side

Thong Lang Beach – view on the right side

Sandy strip on the Thong Lang beach narrow enough, and just behind the line of sun beds and umbrellas begins raising relief and are located tables of beachside cafés. Choosing a place for swimming better in the beginning and in the middle of the beach, as right side it is often used as a place of mooring speedboats and space for planting-disembarkation of passengers. Several funny to see how the Chinese team are cost in a row, and in turn are loaded on their speedboat. At the same time, tourists from some groups all are numbered like sheep or other animals and sometimes they have number on the nude chest, written marker.

The water at the Thong Lang beach very clean and clear, in spite of the numerous waterways. Log into the water by a pleasant white sand is not very flat, ie, depth is reached fairly quickly. However, in this, there are some advantages: the boat and speedboats, which are moored at some distance from the coast almost the entire length of the beach, do not interfere with swimming. As well, do not interfere with swimming and choose to relax the beach Chinese tourists. In his last visit to this beach, I stayed there for about 4 hours and almost all of that time I am swam alone (almost all of tourists from China just makes photos on the beach or in water near bank).

Central part of Thong Lang Beach on Koh Larn in noon

Central part of Thong Lang Beach on Koh Larn in noon

If anyone still does not know, I want to explain why. The fact that the Chinese almost never bathed. Those. they go into the water, and may even dip fool around (from this so noisy on the beach Tawaen beach at Koh Lan). And all this is far from the coast, usually no deeper than a meter. The rest of the water space of the beach is totally free space. In fact, many Chinese tourists and does not dip: a bit like the water. But be photographed love: it is their main occupation on all the beaches of Thailand. Therefore, if your goal – to swim well – the Chinese are not a hindrance. Is that when entering the water.

Photos on the background of the sea - a favorite occupation of Chinese tourists

Photos on the background of the sea – a favorite occupation of Chinese tourists

I can not say about the cost of the deck chairs on the Thong Lang Beach. I am sure that it is in any case not exceeding 100 baht per day, but worker of beach not take money from me for some reason. I sure that he really saw when I came to the beach and then helped to find my slate, which disappeared at the time, while I swam (it turned out that they washed away into the sea out of the lounger wave from a passing ferry and washed ashore elsewhere beach :)).

Summarizing descriptions of the beach, I can say that quite a pleasant place for a quiet holiday far from the pier Tawaen. The minimum cost of the road, the presence of cafes with the average prices for drinks and snacks, clean sea, nice color of water, soft white sand. Among the shortcomings, which can be put up, I will mention the noise from the boats and waves along the island ferries and not too much space for swiming (eg, compared to Samae beach on Koh Lan). Also keep in mind that the sunbath is not too convenient, as this beach in the north of the island and the sun is shining from the shore. Enjoy your vacation!

Video from Thong Lang beach (Koh Larn)

Here you can see a little video from the Thong Lang beach on Koh Larn



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