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A new webcam Phuket, which is installed in the area of ​​Bang Tao Beach – one of the best beach on the whole island. The location of this original webcam is the famous club-restaurant Catch Beach Club, which, as you can guess by name, is located in close proximity to the sea, on the beach of Bang Tao in the western part of the island of Phuket. Several years ago on the island there was already one webcam that was installed on the territory of this beach club-restaurant, and for some time it was included in the list of webcams of the island of Phuket. However, it was old webcam and it was a slide show with a very rare update of photos, the quality of which was not very good, to say the least. The details were terrible. The quality of the new webcam with a similar perspective on the Catch Beach Club is much higher, which you can see for yourself while watching it.

In the foreground you can see the main bar of this beach club-restaurant, which has the shape of an ellipse. Another hallmark of this bar is a beautiful canopy that protects visitors from the bright sun during the day. He also reliably protects club employees and customers from the rain and tropical rainstorms, which often occur on the island of Phuket during the rainy season in Thailand. A beautiful fabric canopy also performs a decorative function, being in some way a visiting card of this institution. Catch Beach Club is open from 9 am to late at night: as a rule, the bar is open while visitors are there. Therefore, with the help of this Phuket webcam, you can always notice that around the bar on the chairs there are at least a few customers, the number of which increases significantly with the onset of darkness (especially during the high tourist season in Phuket).

The webcam from Catch Beach Club on Bang Tao Beach (Phuket) is anchored on some elevation on the facade of one of the buildings of the beach club, so you can see a fairly large area. In the foreground are also tables and chairs, which during a hot day usually remain empty (no one wants to sit under the hot Thai sun for a long time). But after sunset with the presence of a large number of visitors to the Catch Beach Club is not easy to find a free table, because this is one of the most popular entertainment in the area of ​​Surin and Bang Tao beaches in Phuket. By the way, very close to this beach club-restaurant (slightly to the south) is one of the best hotels in Phuket with private beach (there are not many such hotels on the island at all, as you can see from the link). The webcam on the territory of Catch Beach Club is work 24 hours a day, so you can watch it at any time convenient for you, with day and night view having significant differences from each other. Enjoy watching!

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