Affordable flower delivery in Bangkok

Affordable flower delivery in BangkokToday I want to talk about such a popular service as flower delivery in Bangkok. During my vacation in this country over the years, I have developed good relations with local girls. Therefore, it is not surprising that one day I decided to order a beautiful bouquet for my girlfriend in Bangkok. In general, I am used to the fact that flowers in Thailand are very affordable and street vendors offer simple bouquets in popular tourist places at a low price. But when it came to ordering flowers in Bangkok via the Internet, everything turned out to be a little more complicated, but a solution was found.

Of course, it is not difficult to find flower delivery services in Bangkok on the Internet. Search engines offer dozens of local and international flower delivery services. But I was unpleasantly surprised by the cost of the bouquets, which turned out to be much higher than I expected. I am not a wealthy person and I always try to choose goods and services with the best value for money, so for several hours I looked and compared all the options available.

The highest prices were found for international flower delivery services. Probably due to the presence of intermediaries and high advertising costs. A bouquet of 12 red roses, which I wanted to order for the anniversary of my acquaintance with a Thai girl, was priced from 2090 to 2693 THB. At the same time, some bouquets were made of small roses, and when choosing larger flowers, the cost became even higher. And about half of the options found did not include the cost of flower delivery in Bangkok. And this is an additional 150-300 THB.

Gallery of bouquets on the flower delivery site Flowers-Bangkok (photo from the store's website)

Gallery of bouquets on the flower delivery site Flowers-Bangkok (photo from the store’s website)

The only option that stood out favorably from the others I found at the local flower shop This store offered a bouquet of 12 roses for just THB 1,680 and included free shipping in the city. According to the description, Flowers-Bangkok uses large premium roses with long stems to create the bouquet. Since the price seemed to me very attractive (compared to other stores), I began to carefully study the reviews. The bouquet of 12 roses was in the bestseller category and all the reviews were positive.

After a short correspondence with the managers (I wrote to e-mail in English and received answers in the same language), I decided and ordered a bouquet of 12 roses for my girlfriend. I was assured of safety by the fact that the store accepts Paypal and in case of any problems I could dispute the payment and return the entire amount. It’s worth noting here that I was counting on free shipping in Bangkok as stated on the store’s website. But it turned out that the area where my girlfriend lives and works (near Don Muang Airport) belongs to the suburbs of Bangkok and I was forced to pay +149 THB for delivery.

So my advice is this: choose girls who live or work in the central areas of the city :). In my case, the distance from the store to the place of delivery exceeded 30 km, so the flower delivery cost was quite adequate. The total cost of the bouquet with delivery turned out to be 1,829 THB and this is in any case a lower price than the other options I studied. The quoted price also included a greeting card with my message, which I added during checkout. The process was simple and required me to provide my name and email address, as well as the delivery address and recipient’s phone number. By the way, most international flower deliveries charge an additional fee for the greeting card.

Lovely bouquet for my lovely girlfriend in Bangkok

Lovely bouquet for my lovely girlfriend in Bangkok

During checkout you can choose a delivery date (there is delivery on the same day when ordering before 15:00) and a convenient time for delivery. Ferrero Rocher chocolate could be added to the bouquet, but in my case it was superfluous (the girl doesn’t like it). If we talk about the bouquet, the girl was delighted. The flowers were really fresh and large, and the bouquet looked very expensive and solid. I don’t know what I would get when choosing a bouquet for 2600 THB in other stores, but I don’t think I could get a better result. By the way, this photo was sent to me from the store before sending it to the recipient. In fact, the bouquet is larger than it appears in this photo.

After successful delivery, I received an email from the store with a 6% discount coupon for my next order. Since I was completely satisfied with the service and the result, I will definitely use Flowers-Bangkok’s services in the future and such a discount will be a pleasant bonus. To make my review as objective as possible, I can point out a small drawback of the Flowers-Bangkok flower delivery service. Unfortunately, they only deliver bouquets and gifts in Bangkok and the nearest neighboring provinces. Therefore, I could not send flowers to my another good friend who lives in Phuket.

Also, some may not like the choice of flowers: the store specializes in large roses, but the choice of other flowers is limited. In the shop page I saw only gerberas, sunflowers and bouquets of some small inflorescences, the names of which I did not remember. On the other hand, roses are the most popular flowers. And I am sure that many men prefer to order roses for their beloved Thai girls or wives. Therefore, I can safely recommend the flower delivery service in Bangkok Flowers-Bangkok to get the maximum result at the lowest price.

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3 years ago

Really useful information for someone who has a girlfriend in Bangkok. Thanks for sharing!