Overview of Laem Sangwan Beach on Koh Larn


Laem Sangwan Beach on Koh Larn nearby to Pattaya this is probably one of the smallest beaches on the island, but it has a number of features and advantages, thanks to which is popular with tourists from around the world. Below is a small overview of the beach of Laem Sangwan, where i told how to get there and what you need to be prepared before it, if you planning to visit this beach on Koh Larn. The article also includes photographs of this beach, allowing visually assess its size, the purity of water and some recreational facilities.

How to get to Laem Sangwan beach on Koh Larn

Probably one of the main advantages of Laem Sangwan beach,  it is its location that allows you to quickly and easily get to it from Pattaya for everyone. And here I mean not even speedboat that as fast as possible bused tourists to Koh Lan, to any of the island’s beaches. You can get to Laem Sangwan beach is much easier, because it is located right next to the pier Tawaen. Even your way to the very beach of the same name Tawaen be longer than your way to Laem Sangwan beach, as described in this review, because the beach is located as close as possible to the place of disembarkation of big ferry passengers.

If you read the article “How to get from Pattaya to Koh Lan ferry” you already know that the ferry, which you need use, run according to the approved schedule, and ticket price per passenger is only 30 baht. The same price have a ticket for the return ferry to Pattaya. About other costs of transportation when visiting the beach Laem Sangwan to think and do not need, because they do not exist. Getting off the ferry at the pier, just follow the shore until until you see a small branch of the right (wooden walkway on stilts over the water). In the photo you can see how close the beach is Laem Sangwan from the landing place for the ferry to Pattaya. You can walking leisurely pace on this path, and in any case you will come to Sangwan Laem beach not more than just a couple of minutes from the ferry.

The path to Laem Sangwan beach by the wooden bridges (you can see in the distance Tawaen pier)

The path to Laem Sangwan beach by the wooden bridges (you can see in the distance Tawaen pier)

Walking along the wooden bridges, do not forget to look at his feet to avoid injury. There are gaps between the individual planks, boards themselves under your feet a little bit shaken, and in some places few boards non-existent. If you arrive on Koh Larn by ferry that going to the second pier of the island (in the village of Naban), you need a half-hour walk on a good road between these piers, or to overcome the required distance on the motorcycle taxi at the cost of 20 baht per person . The same amount will have to pay and the way back to the pier Naban, if you wish to relax on the beach as long as possible (last ferry from Naban pier takes an hour later than the last ferry from Tawaen pier directly near Laem Sangwan beach).

Review of Laem Sangwan beach

Laem Beach Sangwan is not only one of the shortest on Koh Lana, but also one of the most narrow. Width of the beach in the near to the ferry pier end of the beach is limited by the debris of rocks and structures on them wooden bridges. The water in this location is transparent enough, sometimes you can notice small fishes. However, in the water at the entrance there are rocks, so the rest with children in this place – not the best choice. Then begins a classic beach area – complete with sun loungers and parasols. Log into the water in this place of the beach – enough for a soft and bright sand, so you can relax here even with young children. The color of water is also a pleasant, light blue with a greenish tint, but varies throughout the day depending on the position of the sun.

First part of Laem Sangwan beach nearest the Tawaen pier

First part of Laem Sangwan beach nearest the Tawaen pier

In the central part of the beach there is an area with growing close to the water’s edge of the trees. Lately I’ve been a big fan of spending time on the beaches under natural source of shade, ie near the rocks or trees, so I liked the place. Sometimes calm is broken only by the sound of speeding motorcycles in the sea water and the signal of departure of ferries. After the trees near water, you can find another small section with a sandy beach and umbrellas, and then beach ends with a rocky shore. You can rent deck chairs on the first beachfront at the price of 100 baht.

On the beach there are isolated bathing places and areas that are used for water scooters and sometimes approaching speedboats. But as the amount of the transport Laem Sangwan is not very large, and it is used not very active (at least when I was so), you can swim almost the entire area. Closer to the central part of the beach you can buy drinks and snacks. The choice is not very big, but you must remember that this beach close to the Tawaen beach, where your choice can be much better. But stray vendors on the beach are few and they not very bother you as on the beaches of Pattaya and several other beaches of the island of Koh Lan, a description of which can be found at the link.

Laem Sangwan beach on Koh Larn - fine sand and nice water color

Laem Sangwan beach on Koh Larn – fine sand and nice water color

Advantages and disadvantages of Laem Sangwan beach

The convenient location of Laem Sangwan beach on Koh Larn allows for a few minutes after the descent from the ferry pier to be directly in the vacation spot with clear water and the necessary infrastructure. Even the other adjacent to this pier beaches can not compete in this respect with Laem Sangwan, because to get to them and choose a suitable resting place is required to spend a lot more time, especially when it comes to Thong Lang beach, go up to which you want to about 15 minutes, and in many areas during your way there is no shadow, but there are direct sunlight.

The advantage of the location even more noticeable on the way back to Pattaya, because sunbathing and swimming on the beach of Laem Sangwan can be almost to the departure of the ferry to the mainland. not even having the hours of the imminent departure of the ferry can be found always wafting from it a long beep. As a rule, from the first series of beeps till the real departure is held at least 10 minutes (and often more), so even swimming in the sea and hear the first beeps with holidaymakers it is possible to safely go out of the water, dry off with a towel, change into dry and walk to the ferry without any hurry, because the time on the road you need only a couple of minutes.

Bathing place on the Laem Sangwan beach - a few minutes walk from ferry landing

Bathing place on the Laem Sangwan beach – a few minutes walk from ferry landing

An important advantage of Laem Sangwan beach compared to the neighboring Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn is that it is much less noisy. Of course, everything is also affected by noise from the motors speedboats and ferries, but the noise that produce many Chinese tourists who are on holiday and loudly talking on Tawaen beach, here, for some reason, almost absent. In my last visit to Laem Sangwan beach, me could sure that the concentration of tourists in this beach is noticeably smaller than in Tawaen beach, although the last several times longer and much wider. At the same time purity of the water in the Laem Sangwan commendable despite the proximity of the ferry pier and many boats.

To be completely objective, it should be noted some shortcomings Laem Sangwan, which I personally do not allow us to attribute to the category of the beach on the island’s most beloved. Firstly, it is already mentioned the noise from the boats and ferries. This is a common flaw that is present on all the northern beaches of Koh Larn near the Tawaen pier. Second, in the part of the beach, which I like best, all the chairs on the first line from the sea can be busy, because they were not very much. For those to whom this question is not basic, lack a specified item can not be considered as shortcoming.


Finally, there is a kind of a drawback for some travelers, I think the fact that most of the time that many people spend to visit the island of Koh Larn, the sun shines on this beach is not from the sea, and from the fairly steep bank. It mean, that you can not normally sunbathe if you only just lying on the sun loungers. Therefore, many tourists on the Laem Sangwan to sunbathing in water partly standing or walking near the water’s edge.

I conclude this brief overview of the small beach of Koh Lan with name Laem Sangwan. I think, my information and the photos can give a basic idea of what to expect when you visit this beach. At the same time, I suggest you look here, even if you arrive at the pier Tawaen to visit other beaches of the island of Koh Lan. You will spend less than 10 minutes, but it is possible that Laem Sangwan beach on Koh Larn you enjoy, and you’ll want to stay (in this case you will save time and money :).
I wish you a pleasant stay!


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