Apr 19

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai – transport, schedule and fares!

Chiang Mai is often called the “northern capital” of Thailand and the cultural center of this country, so tens of thousands of travelers annually visit this city despite the distance that must be overcome between popular resorts and this city in the north of the country. As a rule, the greatest number of people go to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. Therefore, on this page you will find useful information about all types of public transport, which is convenient to use on the route “Bangkok-Chiang Mai” and “Chiang Mai-Bangkok”, the current timetable of such transport and the cost of this trip by the route.
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Apr 04

On the Koh Larn island will be prohibited sunbeds

In the near future on the island of Koh Larn – the most popular place for quality beach holidays tourists, holidaymakers in Pattaya, will be banned chaise lounges and beach umbrellas. The reasons for this decision were the concern of local authorities to preserve the ecological balance of the island and create the most natural environment for all holidaymakers. However, the ban is limited to one day a week and so far only one popular beach on the island – Samae Beach.
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Apr 03

Dongtan Beach (Jomtien, Pattaya) – big overview!

Dongtan Beach in Pattaya is one of the tourist place of this resort with the most controversial reviews and the lack of specific information. There is an opinion that it is a beach for gays and it is better not to visit it at all (if you are natutal). But there are a lot of those who consider Dongtan Beach the best family beach in the resort. It’s time to figure out what this beach is, what are its advantages and disadvantages and whether it makes sense to settle in one of the nearby hotels. About all this you can find out in the detailed review of Dongtan Beach Beach in Pattaya with a lot of photos that you will also find on this page.
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Mar 30

Taxi in Pattaya – kinds and taxi fares

Not all tourists for the movement around the Pattaya to prefere cheap public transport which called songthaew. Despite the convenience of their use and the developed network of routes connecting all areas of the city among themselves, sometimes it is required to use transport, being away from the main routes. In this case, a taxi in Pattaya can significantly save your time and energy, while the cost of such services in the resort is still quite democratic, if it is a trip in the day time. In this article I will tell you about the three main types of taxi in Pattaya: motorbike-taxi, songthaew taxi and classic in our understanding of a taxi cars. Also on this page you can get information about taxi fare in Pattaya.
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Mar 23

How to get to Krabi from Phuket (by sea, by road)

How to get from Phuket to Krabi quickly and cheaply? This is a very popular question independent travelers. Phuket and Krabi is located close enough to each other, but at the same time the largest island of Thailand (Phuket), and the resorts of the most picturesque province of this country have significant differences from each other. Therefore, it is not surprising that during one travel to the country, many tourists do not give up the opportunity to significantly diversify their vacation, having visited both the island of Phuket and the province of Krabi. Especially that the distance between these resorts can be overcome quite easily, inexpensively and quickly, using various transport options along the Phuket-Krabi route (or in the opposite direction), which are described in detail in this article (with the fares of such trip).
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Mar 15

Central beach in Ao Nang – big overview!

The main beach in Ao Nang, which has a similar name – Ao Nang beach – is located directly in the central part of the resort village and has a length of about 1400 meters (or almost 4600 feet). As a rule, it is from this beach that the first acquaintance with the Andaman Sea begins with after arrivals to the resort of holiday-makers. At the same time, the beach is not homogeneous and has some features and differences, knowledge of which will allow you to more consciously choose a place to stay at the resort and a place for beach holidays directly within Ao Nang. All useful information about Central beach in Ao Nang with photos and videos – in this article!
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Mar 13

On the beaches of Phuket allowed sunbeds!

In late February 2017, on the most popular beach in Phuket island – Patong beach – local authorities, with the support of the country’s military command, lifted the ban on the use of sun loungers. And in early March a similar decision was made for the other two popular beaches of the island of Phuket – Karon and Kata. Prior to this, during almost three tourist seasons, the use of umbrellas and sun loungers was banned on the island, which was negatively perceived by many tourists and served as a reason for refusing to rest on the island in some cases. At the same time, there are some restrictions on the use of sun loungers on the beaches of Phuket. More information – in a full article.
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