Mar 20

For visiting Koh Larn (Pattaya) you will have to pay?

Pattaya city authorities are considering the possibility of charging fees for visiting Koh Larn island, which is located a few kilometers from the coastline of the famous resort. In recent years, the number of tourists to Koh Larn has increased significantly. As a result, the island began to have problems with the removal and disposal of garbage: utilities simply can not keep the island clean. In addition, the island’s sewerage system and water supply system also need major repairs, for which new sources of funding must be found. Therefore, public discussions on charging fees for visiting the island are becoming more frequent, and the fee for visiting Koh Larn can be introduced as early as this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 20

How to sunbathe in Thailand correctly

Not all tourists know how to sunbathe in Thailand correctly, because of which many of them are forced to spend part of the rest not on the beaches of Thai resorts or on interesting excursions around the country, but on the bed in the hotel, suffering from pain, caused by burns and fever. In this article are placed the main recommendations, knowledge and observance of which will allow you to get tan in Thailand correctly, i.e. get a beautiful and safe tan without sunburn and unpleasant sensations. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 19

Single base of foreign tourists in Thailand

By the end of the summer of 2018 in Thailand will be formed a single base of all foreigners visiting this country. The main purpose of this base is strict control over the observance of immigration laws, the prevention of the activities of international criminal groups in the Kingdom of Thailand, the detection of fraud and the traffic in narcotic substances. Therefore, responsible departments are the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand and the Immigration Bureau of the country. In addition to creating a common electronic database of foreigners, checkpoints will be upgraded at airports and at land border crossings in Thailand.

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Feb 15

Hotel Keereeta Resort & Spa (Koh Chang island) – overview and feedback!

Keereeta Resort & Spa is an original boutique hotel on the island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand (Thailand). This hotel can be attributed to the category of low-cost housing offers on the island, but its popularity is explained not only by the low price for its class, but also by a number of other features and pleasant trifles. In this review article, I will tell you in detail about the Keereeta Resort & Spa hotel in Koh Chang (location on the island, transport to the hotel, facilities in the rooms, nearby infrastructure), advantages and disadvantages of this boutique hotel. Also, I will share my personal impressions after living in Keereeta Resort in December 2017. The article will also publish photos and videos of this hotel during the day and night.

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Feb 13

Pad Thai in Thailand – types, prices, simple recipe

Rice noodles Pad Thai is one of the most common dishes of modern Thai cuisine. In whatever region of the country you are, you will most likely find Pad Thai in the menu of most Thai cafes, as well as in the streets of cities and resorts, because Pad Thai is also a popular street food dish. Not all foreigners find a common language with Thai cuisine because of the acuteness of many traditional dishes, but in the case of Pad Thai noodles everything is simple, because this dish has minimal sharpness and you can order this dish absolutely everywhere. Pad Thai is my favorite dish in Thailand, which I can eat almost daily. In addition, Pad Thai is very easy to prepare at home, so in this article I will share a simple recipe – with the help of step-by-step instructions with photos. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 30

Getting from Chiang Mai to Pai – easy and cheap!

Despite the close location, Chiang Mai and Pai are cities in the north of Thailand, which are largely unlike each other. Therefore, many of those who travel to Chiang Mai – the cultural capital of the country – want to visit and Pai – a small cozy town, which you can fall in love at first sight. Getting from Chiang Mai to Pai can be very inexpensive and easy, and the road number 1095, which passes most of the way between cities, has become widely known as the most winding road in the world. In this short article you will find information on the easiest ways to get from Chiang Mai to Pai and back, the cost of transportation and the features of a trip between these cities.

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