Jan 11

Prison and fine for a drone without a license in Thailand

In October 2017 in Thailand, new rules were approved, according to which all owners of quadrocopters and other unmanned aerial vehicles, with the exception of toy devices, are required to register such devices and receive a special license for flights at the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand. Since January 9, 2018, the sounded rules for drones have come into force, which means that penalty penalties have also come into force for violators, which are in fact very serious. It is not only about big money, but also long-term imprisonment.

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Jan 04

Motorbike rental in Phuket – prices and secrets!

Phuket Island is one of the most popular resorts in Thailand, while convenient and inexpensive public transport on the island is virtually non-existent. Therefore, motorbike hire in Phuket is an excellent alternative to an expensive taxi. You can take a motorbike for rent in Phuket almost everywhere, but there are some nuances, knowledge of which will help you avoid a number of serious problems and generally help you get the most out of the trips on motobike. Useful tips for renting a motorbike and the cost of this service can be found on this page. Also, in this short article, I’ll talk about when better not take a scooter (motobike) for rent in Phuket and why the real price of renting a motorbike can be much higher than the first price. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 12

One year of prison or fine for smoking on the beaches of Thailand!

Since November 2017, Thailand has entered into force a strict ban on smoking on the country’s twenty largest beaches. All violators of the ban will be subjected to very strict punishment, which can be in the form of a fine or imprisonment for a period of one year. The second type of punishment is provided in cases when the violator is unable to pay a very impressive fine – 100 thousand baht (to date it is about 3000 USD). It is also indicated the possibility of applying both of punishment, and therefore it is necessary to take the new ban seriously. Detailed information on the reasons for the tightening of smoking rules on the beaches of Thailand and special places for smoking can be found below on the page. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 06

Getting from Pattaya to Koh Samet easy and fast!

Samet Island in the Gulf of Thailand is located less than a hundred kilometers from Pattaya, so its visit is possible as a one-day excursion, and as a full-fledged independent rest with accommodation in a comfortable hotel. Relatively close location allows you to get to the island of Samet from Pattaya quickly, inexpensively and comfortably. And the choice of transport depends on your personal preferences and recreation budget, and also – in some cases – on the number of your satellites. Detailed information on the types of transport along the Pattaya-Samet route, the timetable and the fare between the popular resort and the island is below on the page. Note: you should know that Samet island is often referred to as Samed Island, but in reality it same island.
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Oct 03

New rules for motorcycle taxi in Pattaya

Since October 2017, Pattaya has introduced new rules for the provision of motorbike taxi services, as well as strict rules of conduct for Thai drivers who carry passengers on motorcycles and mopeds. In the last days of September, 2017, local authorities conducted a special control raid, which revealed some negative aspects in the provision of motorbike taxi services. At the same time, the commission, which visited 6 popular parking lots for motorbike taxi, reminded seven new rules by which they should be guided in their work. In this case, the most important for tourists in Pattaya will be the first two rules, compliance with which will avoid a number of controversial points and conflict situations, often arising in the process of transporting passengers to motorbike taxi. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 28

Taxi Uber in Pattaya is outlawed!

The ongoing war for many months between Uber drivers and ordinary taxi drivers in Pattaya has become the topic of an emergency meeting in one of the city police stations in Pattaya. The last straw in this difficult confrontation was a public brawl between the drivers of the usual yellow taxi in Pattaya and a representative of the Uber service. The fight was recorded by eyewitnesses in the video and later laid out on Youtube, and after the video was demonstrated in the media. Present at the meeting, transport officials, employees of the Pattaya City Hall, representatives of the military, the police and was approved the new rules of taxi services in Pattaya.
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Jul 05

New rules on the beaches of Pattaya (summer ‘2017)

Information about innovations on the beaches of Pattaya appears in the press regularly, and most often it’s about temporary inconveniences for tourists and local residents. First of all, such inconveniences include the capital reconstruction of the beaches: the work was carried out on the beach of Wongamat in the northern part of the resort and on the beaches of Jomtien and Dongtan in the southern part of the city. Of course, no one is pleased with the cutting down of trees and large-scale excavation works with a large number of bulldozers and excavators, but all this is done to make the rest on the beaches of Pattaya more comfortable and safe. Today’s news concerns the increase in the number of days when beach sunbeds in Pattaya are completely banned. Read the rest of this entry »

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