Jan 10

Getting from Bangkok to Koh Samui

The task to getting from Bangkok to Samui often can be for tourists who want to relax on this island, but because of high cost  of flight tickets or other reasons not immediately arrive to Samui, but in one of the airports of Bangkok. Today there are many ways for getting from Bangkok to Samui, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the main options for overcoming the specified route, their characteristics, taking into account the use of different modes of transport, as well as the approximate cost of each option.
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Jan 03

Review of Tawaen beach (Koh Larn, Pattaya)

Tawaen Beach on Koh Lan is one of the most large, noisy and comfortable beach of the island for families with children. However, you should know that this popularity has a downside. On this page you will find a detailed overview of this beach on Koh Lan with an indication of the main advantages of this beach and disadvantages terms of rest on it. Also in this review describes methods that allow you to quickly and cheaply get to this beach. To help you better understand the atmosphere in the Tawaen beach, on the page, there are pictures of the beach and a small video fragment from the beach on Koh Lan – popular island near Pattaya.
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Dec 10

Getting from Phuket to Koh Samui – transport and fares

Phuket – Koh Samui is a popular route for travelers from around the world, because it is the most popular islands in Thailand. No one can prove that Phuket better than Koh Samui. And no one can not to say that Koh Samui is better than Phuket. Because each of these islands have something that is not have on the other. But it is this factor largely determines which of the two islands as a result will be for you favorite holiday destination in Thailand. Overcoming the route Phuket – Koh Samui or Koh Samui – Phuket, which will be discussed on this page, no different complexity and high cost. Therefore, anyone can get from Phuket to Koh Samui and back, even during a one trip to Thailand and have nice rest on both islands.
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Dec 05

The Best Phuket Hotels With Private Beach

the-best-phuket-hotels-with-private-beachPhuket Island is one of the best places in Thailand and in the world for a beach holiday. Therefore, in the process of selecting the best places to stay in the resort, many prefer the hotels in Phuket with private beach. However, despite the fact that on the island of nearly two dozen beaches and several hundreds of hotels, you will not find in Phuket island a large number of hotels with private beaches. Especially when it comes to the most popular beaches of Patong and Karon area hotels which separates from the beaches busy road. However, even at these Phuket beaches, there are several places where you’ll find a comfortable hotel with a private beach, the disclosure of which is available in this article.
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Nov 28

How to get from Bangkok to Krabi – fast and cheap!

how-to-get-from-bangkok-to-krabiKrabi is the center of the most beautiful same name province of the in the south of Thailand. Therefore, many travelers want to get from Bangkok to Krabi to see the spectacular cliffs of the province, the white beaches, ancient caves and the amazing of the island. Despite the fact that the direct distance between Bangkok and Krabi is not small and is – about 650 km (or 406 miles), you can overcome this distance relatively quickly and inexpensively, using various modes of transport, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages and also differs significantly in price. This article describes the major ways that will enable you to overcome the way between Bangkok and Krabi both with minimal time and maximum comfort, and also the most cheap options, using which you will have to sacrifice some level of comfort.
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Nov 21

Tonsai Beach ( Railay, Krabi) – big overview

tonsai-beach-railay-krabi-big-overviewTonsai Beach (or Ton Sai beach) is the most quiet and calm on the peninsula of Railay in Krabi province. The beach is a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts, but to visit it visit it have the opportunity to everyone who decided to relax on Railey peninsula during the day or staying there for a longer period in one of the local hotels. This review describes the features of Tonsai Beach, the best places for swimming, as well as ways to get to this beach. For greater clarity in this review you will find many photos taken along the way to the Tonsai beach, as well as photos and short video directly from this amazing Tonsai beach on the Railay peninsula (also it is often called Railey) in Krabi province (Thailand).
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Nov 17

Koh Samui piers – location and review

koh-samui-ferry-piers-location-and-reviewKoh Samui piers – are the main stations where tourists come to the island and important points where numerous ferries take away tourists to the mainland or the neighboring islands. Koh Samui not a small island, therefore main piers located on different beaches. When you know the location of the main ferry piers on Koh Samui and when you know their main particular qualities, you can more intelligently plan their stay on the island. Your costs at the same time will be less and this information will allow you to give up unnecessary travel on the roads of the island. On this page you will find information about the main piers of Koh Samui, which are used by large ferry companies in the region that bring tourists to the island from the mainland and make trip to the neighboring islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Read the rest of this entry »

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