Feb 23

Car rental Phuket – fares, advices, best places

 In recent years, car rental on Phuket island is an increasingly popular service. Many travelers have long realized that to spend your entire vacation on any one of the beach of this resort – not the best rest. On Phuket island dozens of great beaches and other places of interest, which you can visit only independently. Phuket Island is known for the fact that on this resort is practically not available inexpensive public transportation, and taxi drivers on the island each year are becoming more brazen and require unrealistically high amounts of money even for a short trip. Therefore rent a car in Phuket – a great alternative, which giving the feeling of freedom of movement and this service allows to save a lot of money for active travelers. Full information about the car rental benefits, about the cost of this service and secrets of car rental in Phuket can be found below.
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Feb 20

In Pattaya changed routes of public transport (songthaew)

At the end of December 2016 the city authorities of Pattaya approved a new public transport routes of the city – tuk-tuk (or, more correctly, songthaew). The new scheme of motion in some way provides a more convenient transport accessibility of several urban areas, however, has several disadvantages. And the locals and tourists who are on holiday in Pattaya regular, long accustomed to the old traffic pattern used for many years in the resort. Moreover, many drivers of tuk-tuks are also not wanted to abandon the usual routes, and continued to carry passengers solely on them, ignoring the new traffic scheme. All this has led to some chaos and confusion, which did not add convenience during your holiday in Pattaya. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 09

Getting from Bangkok to Koh Tao

Koh Tao is one of the best dive sites in Thailand and just a very beautiful tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. Therefore, every year thousands of travelers want to get to Koh Tao directly from Bangkok. Since the direct transport between the capital of Thailand and this island does not exist, all tourists have to use several modes of transport. Perhaps for some it seems to be a significant drawback, but in reality the transport in Thailand is very well developed and there is no problem in the fact that somewhere in the middle of the route to change the aircraft on a bus or a bus to the ferry. Especially in this article we describe the most popular ways of getting from Bangkok to Koh Tao fast and not expensive.
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Feb 07

Alcohol in Thailand – brands, taste and prices!

Alcoholic beverages are available in Thailand and there are so many kinds and brands. At the same time the cost of alcohol in Thailand is low, but the quality is very high. Perhaps due to this, drinkers on holiday, arriving in Thailand, do not feel wronged and begin “tasting” of local alcoholic beverages, including beer, right in the airport Suvarnabhumi. In this article, I will talk about alcohol in Thailand who drink Thais and foreign tourists, voiced the price of alcoholic beverages in Thailand in 2017 and give some of their own assessment of the Thai alcoholic beverages, which I tasted lately in Thailand. As usual, I will start with low-alcohol drinks, gradually moving to a more strong alcoholic beverages in Thailand.

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Feb 04

How to get to Bangkok from Suvarnabhumi airport

Knowledge of all the ways to easily get from the airport to Bangkok, allows after landing in Thailand to feel more relaxed and confident. Currently, the specified path can be done by using different modes of transport, about each of which I have written separately, highlighting the main advantages and disadvantages of each.  Note that in this article I will tell only about the methods, allowing to reach from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. However, due to the fact that a lot of travelers arrive in Thailand from other countries in the region on the airplanes of low cost airline, and later I will write an article about how to get to Bangkok from Don Muang Airport.
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Jan 24

How to get from Suvarnabhumi to Khao San Rd

Khao San Road in Bangkok long ago became one of the most tourist places of the capital of Thailand. Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners visit this street of cheap hotels,around the clock fun and interesting acquaintances. Therefore, many backpackers and ordinary tourists after arriving in Thailand immediately go to the Khao San Road area, using various modes of transport in Bangkok. At the same time, many are not even aware that today it is possible to get from Suvarnabhumi airport to Khaosan Road is fast and cheap – just THB 120 (or US $ 3.5). On this page you will find information on direct transport from the airport to Khao San Road, as well as some other types of transport, which can also be used to overcome this route.
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Jan 10

Getting from Bangkok to Koh Samui

The task to getting from Bangkok to Samui often can be for tourists who want to relax on this island, but because of high cost  of flight tickets or other reasons not immediately arrive to Samui, but in one of the airports of Bangkok. Today there are many ways for getting from Bangkok to Samui, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the main options for overcoming the specified route, their characteristics, taking into account the use of different modes of transport, as well as the approximate cost of each option.
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