To Pattaya without quarantine from October 2021

The authorities of Pattaya, a famous resort city in Thailand, together with the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) and representatives of the business sector, have developed a special scheme that will allow foreign tourists to be received from October 1, 2021 without mandatory quarantine. This scheme was called Pattaya Move On and will soon be offered to the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA). However, some points of this plan are contradictory and many of the foreigners who have already familiarized themselves with this plan are not very optimistic. Moreover, there are still no clear answers to a number of important questions. Continue reading

Thailand’s quarantine plans to end October 2021

Thai authorities plan to lift quarantineThe Thai authorities have announced plans to end the mandatory quarantine for foreign tourists and Thai citizens who will arrive in the Kingdom from October 2021. However, we are talking about those tourists and Thais who have previously completed a full course of vaccination and will be able to document this fact. The second condition for lifting the quarantine is the mass vaccination of local residents in 10 provinces of Thailand, which are planned to be opened to tourists. We are talking about such popular holiday destinations as Pattaya, Surat Thani (Ko Samui), Krabi (Ao Nang and the islands), Phang Nga, Trat (Ko Chang) and Bangkok. Continue reading

The hotel business crisis in Thailand

The hotel business crisis in Thailand

The situation faced by Thai hotels and guest houses is critical at the moment. Marisa Sukosolnunphakdee, who is the head of the Thai Hoteliers Association, shared statistics and prospects for the Kingdom’s hospitality industry. At the beginning of May 2021, hotel occupancy is only 5% of the total room stock. This means that on average there are 19 vacant rooms per occupied hotel room.

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Affordable flower delivery in Bangkok

Affordable flower delivery in BangkokToday I want to talk about such a popular service as flower delivery in Bangkok. During my vacation in this country over the years, I have developed good relations with local girls. Therefore, it is not surprising that one day I decided to order a beautiful bouquet for my girlfriend in Bangkok. In general, I am used to the fact that flowers in Thailand are very affordable and street vendors offer simple bouquets in popular tourist places at a low price. But when it came to ordering flowers in Bangkok via the Internet, everything turned out to be a little more complicated, but a solution was found. Continue reading

New size of fines for traffic violations in Thailand

A few days ago, amendments to the Administrative Code came into force in Thailand concerning the amount of the fine for violation of traffic rules in the Kingdom. In accordance with the amendments, all violations were divided into 4 large groups, each of which implies a certain amount of fine: from 200 to 1,000 Thai Baht (THB). Below you will find information about the fine you will have to pay for driving without a license, for using a mobile phone by a driver while driving, driving on a sidewalk, violation of the use of light and sound signals, etc. Continue reading

Holidays with Kids in Pattaya – Useful Tips

Holidays with Kids in Pattaya - Useful TipsTravels to Pattaya with a kids are becoming more popular every year, because this resort in the Gulf of Thailand is rapidly transforming from a city for single men to a real family resort, and a vacation with kids in Pattaya is truly full-fledged and interesting for both adults and children . Do not be afraid that children in Pattaya will be bored: today there are so many entertainment facilities in the resort and its environs that to visit each of them at least once you will have to make more than one trip to Pattaya with a kids. The text contains links to other articles on the site, each of which in more detail reveals one of the aspects of a holiday in Pattaya with children. Continue reading