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Top 10 reasons to visit Thailand. Why I love Thailand!

Despite the fact that I traveled to Thailand most often, I am ready to return there again and again. This country has a special place in my heart, and within a few months after returning from Thailand, I begin to miss this country very much. On the one hand, I understand that on our planet …

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How to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok Easy

How to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok easy

Chiang Rai is not a big city by Thai standards in the north of the country. At the same time, next to this city are unique attractions of Thailand, for the sake of which many tourists depart to this city from Bangkok. In order to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok, you can use several …

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Keereeta Resort & Spa (Koh Chang) – My Review

Keereeta Resort & Spa is an original boutique hotel on the island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand (Thailand). This hotel can be classified as inexpensive accommodation on the island, but its popularity is explained not only by the low price for its class, but also by a number of other features and …

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12 Ways to Save Money on Food in Thailand

Thailand is known worldwide as a country with inexpensive and very diverse food. Compared to countries in Western Europe, the USA, Japan, and other countries with a high standard of living, the cost of food in Thailand really seems very low. Everywhere in Thailand you can find food from 10 THB to 3,000 THB and …

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How to get from Pattaya to Koh Chang

The desire to get from Pattaya to Koh Chang often arises among tourists who spent some time in Pattaya and were somewhat tired of its unbridled fun and, in general, from the noise of a large resort city. In this regard, Koh Chang is the exact opposite of Pattaya. It is a quiet and very …

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Currency exchange in Bangkok – The best points in Bangkok

During a vacation in Thailand, you will certainly encounter the need to exchange your currency for Thai Baht (THB). Thailand is a very progressive country, but you will be limited in possibilities of shopping and food if you do not have local cash with you. Therefore, currency exchange in Bangkok is the first action that …

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