Thong Lang beach (Koh Larn island) – my review

Thong Lang beach Koh Larn (Pattaya)

Thong Lang beach on the island of Koh Lan near Pattaya is not too large beach and not particularly noisy. But it has an excellent transport accessibility. In this particular article provides an overview of the small beach – Thong Lang and posted a several of fresh photos from the beach of the island, made by me during the last visit of the thai resort in 2015. Also, a small video clip from this beach you can find in the end of review, allowing to better assess the situation, the state of the water and the sand on the Thong Lang beach.
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Webcams Pattaya – Walking Street online

Pattaya Walking Street webcam live

The famous Walking Street Pattaya – is known far beyond the borders of Thailand, therefore view from online webcams Pattaya Walking Street will be interested all those who would like to at least virtually look at what is happening on this street, as well as those who have already visited Pattaya and left there part of their soul. Broadcast from the two new webcams that are installed directly on Walkking Street, began recently, but they have successfully replaced the one camera, which worked before on FLB bar. I sure, new live webcams will be popular for those who at least once watched the city with the help of them.

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Thai beer brands – prices, taste, review

Thai beer - full reviewAll brands of  thai beer, which you can find on sale in Thailand, can be divided into two major groups: local brands and global brands. Here it should be noted that all the beer in Thailand produced in modern plants under strict control of western management, so the quality of any kind is at a high level, and the choice of thai beer depends more on the taste preferences of the individual. Personally, I really like thai beer (i mean local varieties), so I decided to describe the most common and popular brands that are most popular with tourists, and which I personally very like.
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The best Pattaya webcams on one page!

Pattaya webcamsLive webcams Pattaya allow to enjoy the views of this famous Thai resort. Best webcams focused mainly on the famous streets of the city and the popular beaches. With the help of these live web cameras, you can see Pattaya  beaches with slowly rolling waves,palm trees swaying in the wind and other exotic plants. Also you can see the tourists, who make a leisurely stroll through the city streets, local streets with transport, including the most famous street of the resort – Pattaya Walking Street (center of night life of the resort). Also, recently been added some webcams Pattaya, which are established in the territory of luxury hotels in various parts of resort. Currently, the website you will find the 15 webcams Pattaya, but the number of working chambers is constantly increasing.

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How to get from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya – all options!

Bangkok Airport to Pattaya - best waysHow to get to Pattaya from the airport? This question often arises in travelers who will organize the first independent holiday in Thailand and who want to choose the best variant  along the route from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya a quick, comfortable and affordable. In this article I will talk about some of the most convenient and affordable way to enable you can spend minimal cost money and time for overcome the route between two airports in Bangkok and Pattaya. I am sure that after reading this page you are not will be doubt over the fact that the way from Bangkok airport to Pattaya is very simple and can be very cheap. Especially when you know about all types of transport from the airports of the capital.
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Phuket Webcams – TOP-25 Live Webcams Phuket!

Best Phuket webcams on one pageOnline Phuket webcams, the best selection of which is collected on this page to convey the beauty of this tropical island. Currently on the island you can find a lot of web cameras installed in places of interest in Phuket, but make a really good selection of cameras was not easy. In contrast to the well-known resort of Pattaya or Koh Samui, Phuket, many online web-cameras have a major drawback, which are explained below, and which for a long time does not allow the creation of this page. Fortunately, after a long search, the best webcams from the island of Phuket them finally managed to place on this site.
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