How to get from Phuket to Koh Phangan – ways and prices

Phangan Island in the Gulf of Thailand in many ways is the exact opposite of Phuket. Therefore, every year more and more travelers dream of visiting Koh Phangan and often choose Phuket as their starting point. Despite the fact that Phuket and Phangan are islands in the waters of various oceans, it is not very difficult to get from Phuket to Phangan, because the distance between the islands is not very large. At the same time, there are some nuances, the knowledge of which will allow you to better plan your trip and find the best option for the price and duration of the trip. On this page you will find useful information about how easy it is to get to Phangan from Phuket or back, the current transport schedule and the cost of the trip between the islands. Continue reading

Legend Siam – a new theme park in Pattaya!

In the area of ​​the popular Thai resort of Pattaya in early November 2019, the grand opening of a new theme park took place, which was called the Legend Siam. This grandiose park covers an area of ​​10 thousand square meters and is divided into three large thematic zones. Like many other entertainment centers in Pattaya, Legend Siam Park is located south of the resort, about 20 kilometers (this is closer than Nong Nooch Park or Ramayana Water Park). The park is open every day for everyone and there are many reasons for visiting it, which are described below. Continue reading

E-cigarettes banned in Thailand. Do not take chances!

You may have already heard that it is forbidden to use hookah in Thailand (I wrote about this for several years on the site). But did you know that electronic cigarettes are also strictly prohibited in this country? And you can have serious problems if you use electronic cigarettes in Thailand. And is this not only a very large fine and possible deportation, but also many years in prison. At least, there have already been such precedents. What is the main reason for the prohibition of such electronic devices in Thailand? Continue reading

Top 10 reasons to visit Thailand. Why I love Thailand!

Despite the fact that I traveled to Thailand most often, I am ready to return there again and again. This country has a special place in my heart, and within a few months after returning from Thailand, I begin to miss this country very much. On the one hand, I understand that on our planet there are many other places that I could visit. But, on the other hand, it was in Thailand that I found everything that is so important for a good rest and vivid memories. Perhaps because it is in Thailand that I feel at home, or even better. If you have already been to Thailand, you can agree or disagree with my TOP 10 reasons why you can truly love Thailand. And if you haven’t yet, then these reasons may make you think about traveling to this Asian country for the first time. Continue reading

How to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok Easy

How to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok easyChiang Rai is not a big city by Thai standards in the north of the country. At the same time, next to this city are unique attractions of Thailand, for the sake of which many tourists depart to this city from Bangkok. In order to get to Chiang Rai from Bangkok, you can use several modes of transport, each of which has advantages and disadvantages, and also differs in price. Below on the page you will find useful information about the methods that allow you to make the journey from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and back. You will also find out the current prices for transport between cities Continue reading

Keereeta Resort & Spa (Koh Chang) – My Review

Keereeta Resort & Spa is an original boutique hotel on the island of Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand (Thailand). This hotel can be classified as inexpensive accommodation on the island, but its popularity is explained not only by the low price for its class, but also by a number of other features and pleasant things. In this review article I will talk in detail about the Keereeta Resort & Spa hotel on Koh Chang (location on the island, transport to the hotel, facilities in the rooms, nearby infrastructure), advantages and disadvantages of this boutique hotel. I will also share my personal impressions after living at Keereeta Resort in December 2017. Photos and videos of this hotel during the day and night will also be published in the article. Continue reading